Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Personal Shopper: BlankNYC

Sometimes I stumble on a brand that I I decide I want everything from.  BlankNYC is one of those brands.  I recently ordered my first pair of jeans (04 below) from them (they'll be here tomorrow so I'll report back) and I can't wait.  The flare on them looks perfect and after stocking my closet with skinnies, I'm ready for a nice change.  The next pair on my list is either 01 or 05 below.  Have you ordered anything from the store?  



Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Size Satisfaction

I have stretch marks.  One week - ONE WEEK - before I gave birth to Henry I developed stretch marks.  I had made it the entire time without them, and then ONE WEEK before, they popped up just below my belly button.  They aren't super obvious, but of course to me they are.  It's all I see when I look in the mirror these days.  And I know I should be proud of them because my body did something incredible in growing another human being but let's be honest, stretch marks suck.

And then there's the issue of post baby bodies in general.  I'm fairly lucky in that my body has so far bounced back pretty well from pregnancy.  I have 5-10 pounds that I'd still like to lose, but after two months, I know I shouldn't expect too much.  But of course, I do.  I want to be in all of my old clothes, not just some of them.  I want to feel like myself again after 9+ months of not feeling like me.  

But then I was at the gym a couple weeks ago for my first post-pregnancy workout and got to thinking, "when will I be satisfied with my size"?  And I wondered how many other women have questioned that same thing.  We tell ourselves "I just want to lose 10 pounds", and then we do.  And after that we say "Well, just 10 more pounds and I'll be at my 'dream' weight".  And when does it end?  I tell myself that I'd like to get down to the weight I was at my wedding.  I look back at pictures from that time (both the bonus and curse of having a fashion blog- I can look back at pictures from different "sizes" in my life) and I think, "wow, I really looked great then".  (A good example of this is the photo on the left below.)  But I know in the back of my mind, I didn't feel that way at that point.  I was in great shape, healthy and happy, but was there ever a time that I thought "this is it, this is the size I want to be?"  I don't think so.

And I'm curious, how many of you feel this same way?  
Are you satisfied, or are you always looking for more?


Monday, April 14, 2014


Lace Repeater

I don't think I've worn this top since once of my very first "bump" pictures.  And the outfit was almost identical to this one except I replaced my skinny jeans with these wider leg jeans.  Looking back at that picture I can't believe how tiny my bump was and at the time I thought it was huge!  And now that my (almost) 11 pound baby is on the outside, it's even more unbelievable.

You guys, this is my last week at home with my little man.  To say I'm sad would be a vast understatement.  Whenever I really think about not being with him all day I start to tear up- and I'm not one for tears.  I'm fairly confident that my first day back I'll just be at my desk dumbfounded, and hearing phantom crying babies.  Luckily B will be staying home with him that week (followed by my mom for a week and then B's mom for a week) and will be bringing him to have lunch with me.  I honestly never knew I'd feel so sad, but I mean he is REALLY cute- have you seen his Instagram pictures and videos??

By the way, do any stores make watches for petite wrists?  Even the ones that you're able to take links out of are still too big for me.  If you know of any, let me know in the comments!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

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my reading list

There are a few things that make 3 a.m. feedings just a little better- Pinterest, Covet Fashion app, and Bloglovin'.  I love checking out the "All Categories" section of Bloglovin' so that I can find new blogs to follow.  Below are some of my most recent favorites.  Tell me in the comments who your favorite bloggers are!

All images via their respective blogs.

1 | Breanna Rose | Sometimes my favorite blogs are just that because they're so PRETTY.  This is one of those.  I love the layout of all her posts, I love the simplicity of the blog design, and I love the graphics used in each post.  In a word, it's inspiring for my creative side.

2 | The Fancy Pants Report | I love Kate's blog because not only does she have great casual style that I could ACTUALLY see myself wearing, but she's funny.  I like funny.

3 | Emily Henderson | I love watching her funky style on HGTV and her blog is just as fun.  She's a great writer (meaning fun to read) and of course having that interior design side, her blog is aesthetically pleasing.  Not to mention, I love reading her stories as a new mom.

4 | Frankie Hearts Fashion | Nicole's blog has long been one of my favorites for style inspiration.  She's expecting a baby now (!) and I only wish she had been pregnant last year when I was to get to have maternity style inspiration as well!

All images via their respective blogs.

5 | The Teacher Diva | Ashley is the most stylish teacher I've ever seen!  I also follow her on Instagram and I'm constantly swooning over her casual chic looks and awesome accessory game.

6 | Paris in Four Months | This blog gives me a serious case of wanderlust.  I've always had the dream to live in a European city for a year (or longer!) and Carin's insanely gorgeous pictures lets me feel a little bit like I'm there in Paris with her.  (I recommend following on Instagram, too.)

7 | Little Blonde Book | This is another blogger that I wish was pregnant while I was last year.  I love her style and I love seeing how she dresses her bump.  Not to mention Taylor introduces me to some really great smaller shops that I might not have heard of before.

8 | Likes of Us | This is another blog that I just really love to look at.  The graphics are always wonderful and I love that there is such a variety of content.


Friday, April 11, 2014

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feel like shopping?

I've re-opened my store and have added a bunch of new accessories and maternity clothes.
More will be added throughout the weekend!  

(Ps... There's a permalink to My Closet in the menu above so feel free to check back frequently for more items.)


Thursday, April 10, 2014


you might be a hippie if...

These pants feel like they are from the 70's, and they're also a bit out of my comfort zone but at this point, all I care about is if they're easy and comfortable.  I only have about a week and a half until I'm back at work and all Henry wants to do these days is snuggle (which is pretty much the best thing ever), so comfy pants until April 21st it is!  

Yesterday Henry had his first in a series of shots.  We were so afraid for him because we heard all of the other kids screaming their heads off.  But I should've known that my boy is a champ.  He screamed for about 5 seconds, B scooped him up and he was fine.  Shots?  Psh, Henry can handle them.  And since we thought he'd have a rough day (the doctors told us he would), B took the day off to help out.  And when Henry was fine, B sent me off to get a massage.  Who am I to say no to something like that?!  So let's just say yesterday was a proud day as a mom for how tough my little guy is and a much needed relaxation day.


Wednesday, April 09, 2014


henry | 02

Dear Henry,

It's been a rough month, buddy.  It seems as if you're going through your "fussy" stage, not to mention we found out you had reflux so you've been in a bit of pain while we got your medicine working.  You fight sleep as often as possible during the day- maybe so you can stay awake and see this new world around you?  You also took your first long trips (to Toledo) and slept in the car the whole way (your Dad and I thank you for that!).  We've moved you to sleeping in your own room, though you still don't like your crib and you've also begun sleeping for long stretches late at night so even though it hasn't been all night yet, I'm very thankful that you're letting me sleep a bit longer these days- I think we both needed it.  But you've also begun smiling constantly and we think you're thisclose to laughing- a sound that we cannot wait to hear!  You started eating cereal a couple times a day and your face leads us to think that you're still not sure what to think about it. You're still a little man, but at least you're finally starting to outgrow your newborn clothes and fit into 0-3 month and size 1 diapers.  So though it's been a rough month for us all, we still stare at you for long periods of time thinking about how lucky we are to have you.  Hopefully these next few weeks will start to pick up and be a bit easier on us all.  We're doing our best to make you happy and to show you how happy you make us.  We love you more than you'll ever know.

Y O U   L O V E

01 | Sleeping on our chest- it's the only place you'll sleep during the day
02 | Your bouncy chair- those animals are your new friends
03 | Going for rides in the car
04 | Goofy faces that we make
05 | Being rocked
06 | Watching lights and staring at the photos on the wall
07 | Being naked (wearing just a diaper)

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

01 | Not being held
02 | Being changed (still)
03 | Tummy time (still)
04 | When we have to take you out of the bath

Read Henry's One Month post here.... 

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