Waving Goodbye

Well, I've decided to go through with it.  After toying with the idea for over a year, I've decided to officially make the jump and re-brand, start clean, start fresh.  I've had this idea in the works for awhile, but have finally gotten up the courage to do it.  I'm waving goodbye to Coming Unstitched.  This blog has served me well for nearly three years, but it's time to start my next journey.  I want to keep writing, but I need to start a new path, and I really, really hope that you'll join me there.

I've decided to go simple and give myself the opportunity for any kind of growth that will fit- so the new blog is titled simply SARAH HARTLEY.  It might not be original in the grand sense of blog names, but it's who I am and it'll give me options.  

Because this is a new change, there will certainly be plenty of kinks to work out, so if you see any, let me know.  A few of my newest posts will be moved to the new blog, but after this, no new posts will be sent to Coming Unstitched.  So please, change any bookmarks to >> http://www.sarahhartley.net.  I've also updated my Twitter name (@sarahmhartley), my Instagram name (@sarahmhartley) and I'm working on updating my Facebook page and Bloglovin' account.  If you already follow me on those platforms, you won't notice anything different other than my name.  Need to email me?  Use: sarahhartleyblog@gmail.com.

I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you've done for me through this blog.  I've made some amazing friends, been given great opportunities, and it's only because of you that I'm excited to begin this next chapter.

So hop on over to Sarah Hartley and say hi!  Let me know if you're still around, and let's start this next chapter!



I Feel Lost

Over the past few months I'm sure you've noticed that I've posted less and less.  As is to be expected, one of the main reasons is because of the cutest little addition to our family.  Being a Mom to Henry has become my number one priority.  Not to mention that seeing B with Henry has made me fall in love with him all over again and I am enjoying this new growth in our relationship.  So when I'm not at work, I only want to be with them.  To laugh with them, and cuddle with them, and dream about the future with them.

The other reason is because I feel lost.  I don't know what I want from this blog anymore.  In August I'll have been at this Internet address for three years.  When I started I was in SUCH a different place.  This blog has seen me struggle with finding a new job, get engaged, find a new job, get married, and have a baby.  That's a lot of growth in three years, and I'm now a completely different person.  At the time I started this blog I was unsettled.  I was unhappy in many ways.  And now I feel so fulfilled in every aspect of my life.  I am happy, the happiest I could ever imagine being.  Every day I feel lucky for what I have.  That wasn't the case three years ago.

When I started this blog, my obsession was fashion.  It's all I wanted to write about, or talk about.  It's the only thing I thought I could do in my professional life.  Turns out, my new obsession is life.  Living.  I'm living every day on purpose.  So now when I sit down to write at this address, I don't often find myself wanting to talk about fashion.  I just want to talk, and write, and tell you what's in my head, or what's on my heart.  Thing is, I love to write.  I always have.  I originally went to school for journalism before switching my major to interior design, then psychology, then finally settling on fashion.  I still dream of owning my own magazine.  But now that dream includes more than just styling a shoot.  It involves getting to write real stories, to design the graphics for each page, to inspire.  This blog has made me realize how much I love to create- in so many different ways.

I've thought numerous times about re-branding this blog.  Starting clean and fresh.  Coming Unstitched was just a random name that came to me when I started this blog because it was related to fashion, and it was about me opening myself up to you.  But now, I'm not so sure that it's me anymore.  Or that it's the me that I want to be.  

I also feel a bit confused on what to share.  My most popular posts were once my personal style posts.  No matter how awkward I felt taking outfit photos, you guys always loved them.  But now, my most popular posts are usually my life posts- the ones about Henry, or the ones where I'm just sharing a little about what we've been up to.  So the question becomes, do I steer this blog in that direction and risk losing those of you who come here for the fashion?  On the flipside, if I'm not putting my whole heart into the fashion posts, is there really a point in posting them?  I'd say no to that.  My goal from the beginning has always been to post what I am most passionate about, and if you guys liked it, that was just a (huge) bonus.  But you guys have made this blog what it is, and have given me the opportunities that I've been given.  So I want to continue to post things that make you want to come back here.

I still love fashion.  I really do.  And I have a closet full of clothes that would prove that.  But I also love design.  I love graphics.  I love life stories.  I love telling you about my life as a mom.  I love photography.  I love just talking to you about real stuff.  And I just love writing.  But what do I do with that?  Do I start over?  If I did, would you follow me there?  

At this point, I'm rambling.  But I needed to explain to you what is going on lately.  I want to be upfront and honest with you.  I want to tell you that I'm having a hard time finding my passion for this space that I once had.  And I want to tell you where my head is at, in case I do decide it's time to start over.  I want to hear your thoughts, your opinions.  I always value what you have to say.



Oh, hey...

Hey there, remember me?  
I'm still alive.

My apologies (sort of), for not being around much lately.  I've been doing this thing where instead of writing about my life, I'm just out there living it.  Spending time with my boys is so awesome, that at the end of the day there's nothing else I want to be doing if it takes me away from a minute with them.  Instead of sitting in the house writing, we're out taking nightly family walks.  Or we're laying around playing with Henry (who is thisclose to laughing).  These days are long and they're exhausting, but they're filled with so much happiness that I wouldn't trade them for anything.



Our Old Life

Last night B asked "Do you miss our old life?".  And I knew exactly what he meant.  Up until Henry entered our life, we were completely on our own, living selfishly, spending money however we wanted, packing up and going on a whim, having no real sense of stability.  And now there's this person.  This little tiny, fourteen pound person who consumes every ounce of every day.  Who we spend all our time thinking and talking about.  Who dictates all our future decisions.  It's difficult, and it's stressful.  It's wonderful, and it's amazing.  Were things easier once upon a time?  Of course they were.  Did we get more sleep?  Sure.  Did we talk about things other than poop and formula and if we're raising Henry right?  Definitely.  And sometimes now we sit and worry if we're doing things right.  If we are raising a good kid.  If he'll be happy.  Will he grow up knowing that he was made out of the love that his father and I have for each other?  Do we show him enough love?  Do we hug him enough?  Does he know how much joy he's brought to our life and our relationship?  And then he smiles, or he giggles and my heart bursts, and I watch B's face light up as he stares into his sons eyes and all those questions melt away and I realize he's HAPPY.  He is a happy baby.  He's sweet and he's funny and he's smart.

So as my husband, my best friend, sat there rocking our beautiful, sleepy four month old son, and he asked me if I missed our old life, there was absolutely no hesitation when I said "No.  Absolutely not."  And neither does he.  Not even a little.  This life is all we need.  The three of us.  We're a team.  A family.  And we were meant to be this way.


What Do You Look For?

As always, your feedback is important to me.  And I got to thinking about what features you might use around these parts, and wondered how many of them were still important enough to keep, or maybe ones that should be brought back.  Below is an easy way of figuring all that out if you'll help me!  All you have to click is Yes or No for each of the seven features so I know if you use it (or would).

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New Shoes, New Hair, Same Adorable Baby

New York & Co. cardigan | J.Crew tank | Gap skirt | Forever 21 shoes

So, I went and got my hair done, and totally chickened out on the short hair I was talking to you guys about.  But, BUT, I did get 3 inches cut off, and went significantly darker.  However, it's supposed to be more ombre than it is, so I'm going back on Wednesday night to get it fixed a bit.  It's not any easier for me to manage because there is just. so. much.  But I do like it for now, though I'm sure in about a week I'll be missing my longer hair.

Now, let's talk about these shoes.  I'm in love with them because they're hot, because they were inexpensive, and because they're comfortable.  And I think you should all buy them.

Finally, that baby.  Sometimes I look at him and just want to squeal because he's just so cute.  And then he smiles at me and my heart explodes into a million pieces.  Who knew having a baby would be so great?  (Oh, right, all of you who told me for years to have one.)



Henry | 04 Months

Dear Henry,

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you're four months old!  It feels like you've been in our lives forever and at the same time it feels like you were just born.  You have been sick most of this last month because of daycare and we feel badly about it daily but I have to say, you're taking it all like a CHAMP.  Even when we can tell you feel miserable (through your coughing and sniffles), you're still giving us big grins and giggling.  You are THISCLOSE to giving us a full out laugh.  In fact just last night we thought it was the night.  So we're hoping within the next week we'll get to hear that sweet sound.  You're also now able to roll over from your tummy to your back even though you don't appreciate having to do it.  Tummy time is still not your favorite but you're doing SO WELL at it!  Your head and neck is so strong and I'm constantly impressed with you.  We take you to the doctor tomorrow for your 4 month checkup and we're hoping you've gained a little bit of weight and height.  But if not, you'll just be my little peanut, and I'm okay with that.

You are such a pleasant, happy baby and we are constantly thankful for that.  We take nightly family walks around the neighborhood and you're always totally on board with it- sometimes just looking around, sometimes falling asleep, but never making a peep.  You're always smiling, and as long as we're within sight, you will spend hours just laying there looking at us.  You and I get to spend every Friday together since I don't work and I have to tell you, I look forward to that day every single week.  There's nowhere I'd rather be than hanging out with you and Dad.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Smiling
+ Mom and Dad
+ Pacifier (unfortunately)
+ Being Swaddled (unfortunately)
+ Being Naked
+ Your Hand
+ Bath Time
+ Sleeping Near Mom and Dad
+ Being In a Moving Car or Stroller
+ Your Tongue (you've recently discovered it and you're constantly sticking it out)

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Tummy Time
+ Not Being Center of Attention (as told to us by daycare)
+ Nose Sucker (which has had to be used a lot recently)
+ Sleeping (you haven't been doing much of that lately- you'd rather be part of the action_

Thank you, Henry.  Thank you for being the best part of our lives.
We love you,
Mom and Dad

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