Waving Goodbye

Well, I've decided to go through with it.  After toying with the idea for over a year, I've decided to officially make the jump and re-brand, start clean, start fresh.  I've had this idea in the works for awhile, but have finally gotten up the courage to do it.  I'm waving goodbye to Coming Unstitched.  This blog has served me well for nearly three years, but it's time to start my next journey.  I want to keep writing, but I need to start a new path, and I really, really hope that you'll join me there.

I've decided to go simple and give myself the opportunity for any kind of growth that will fit- so the new blog is titled simply SARAH HARTLEY.  It might not be original in the grand sense of blog names, but it's who I am and it'll give me options.  

Because this is a new change, there will certainly be plenty of kinks to work out, so if you see any, let me know.  A few of my newest posts will be moved to the new blog, but after this, no new posts will be sent to Coming Unstitched.  So please, change any bookmarks to >> http://www.sarahhartley.net.  I've also updated my Twitter name (@sarahmhartley), my Instagram name (@sarahmhartley) and I'm working on updating my Facebook page and Bloglovin' account.  If you already follow me on those platforms, you won't notice anything different other than my name.  Need to email me?  Use: sarahhartleyblog@gmail.com.

I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you've done for me through this blog.  I've made some amazing friends, been given great opportunities, and it's only because of you that I'm excited to begin this next chapter.

So hop on over to Sarah Hartley and say hi!  Let me know if you're still around, and let's start this next chapter!

© Coming Unstitched .Maira Gall.