sick day uniform

 Top: Sisley (similar) | Bottom: TopShop (similar) | Shoes: Old Navy (similar)
Scarf: Target (old) | Sunglasses: Gap

I'm still not feeling well.  My doctor had me come in to have blood work done so I'm hoping I'll have answers soon.  But when I'm not feeling well, all I'm looking for is comfort- especially when I'll be at work all day.  The first thing I grabbed this morning?  My husband's SUPER soft sweater he picked up in Italy.  And since regular dress pants weren't going to do the trick, I put on my leather paneled leggings and a pair of flats.  I'm pretty sure that is my sickness uniform- oversize sweater, leggings, flats.  

Now if only the kid would cooperate, stay off my bladder and leave my ovary alone, things would be just great!

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