A Guy's Eye View: Part Three

So, I figured it's about that time to get The Fiance involved again in this ol' blog (well, you know, besides taking the photos).  You guys so loved this post and this post that I wanted to talk to him again about the Fall 2012 trends.  You know, find out what them guys are really thinking about what we're wearing.  So here they are, the 14 biggest trends for fall as reported by The Cut blog.

Trend: Furry Accents
Sarah:  I would never wear real fur, and fake fur?  I'm still a bit undecided.  I've never found any that has really caught my eye, but I suppose if I did, I might be interested.
Brandon:  One, I don't like people who wear fur.  Second, if it's not fur, it's fake fur.  And nothing fake ever looks good.  "How many squirrels must die so that you can look fly?" {from Dave Chappelle... he thinks}

Trend: Glitter
Sarah:  I couldn't do an all glitter outfit.  I'd definitely be into something like the middle outfit, but all glitter?  Reminds me of a disco ball and like I should be at Studio 54.
Brandon:  It will always grab my attention.  Like most men, shiny things get my attention.  Other than that, I think it's best suited for teenagers and kids, not grown women... unless you're going to a rave.  {Then again, that's for teenagers and kids...}

Trend: Glossy Leather
Sarah:  Kinda cool.  I'm not sure it's for me, other than maybe in a pair of shoes.  I think maybe mixed with other materials (like the second look) could be kinda cool.
Brandon:  I've always liked this.  In the 80s, glossy was kind of the future look in movies so I always think it's very cool looking.  I think it's fun.

Trend: Statement Hats
Sarah:  Nope.  I can handle traditional hats (and even those I don't wear often), but other than if I'm visiting London, I doubt you'd see me in something like this.
Brandon:  Anything steam punk is kinda cool, but anything weird just to be weird, I'm not a fan.  Quirky is always cute on the right girl.

Trend: Military
Sarah:  I've always loved the military trend, and it seems like it's around every season.  I love the authoritative feel that it gives plus it's a great way to make a feminine silhouette more masculine.
Brandon:  I like it because these feel like they're British military trends so they have a retro and foreign feel to them.  I've always liked the military look.  Plus with military you get black, grays and olive tones which I think look good on everybody.

Trend: Print Mixing
Sarah:  I know this was a big trend for spring but I still never got on board.  For one thing, I barely own any patterns, and for another, I just don't really get it.  Maybe stripes and polka dots together but that's about as far as I can go.
Brandon:  I hate it.  It looks like you got dressed in the dark.  Or you let a five year old make your dress.

Trend: Opulence
Sarah:  I think this is really pretty.  I love elaborate details, especially if it's on a bag or shoe.  And I think something like this would be perfect for a formal night out.
Brandon:  I think it looks nice, it has a regal look to it.  And I would imagine it makes a woman feel very pretty to wear something that makes them feel like royalty.

Trend: Oversize

Sarah:  Ok, we all know that I love things that are too big on me.  But I'd say this might be too much.  I'm not sure who this would actually look good on, but I'm interested to see how people work it into their wardrobes.
Brandon:  I hate it.  The thing that is wonderful about women is that they all have different shapes and sizes and so to put them in something boxy is just awful.

Trend: Oxblood
Sarah:  I love this color.  It definitely reminds me of, well, blood.  But it's super rich for fall.  And the picture on the left?  That is my favorite look of any of these in the entire post.
Brandon:  This color really reminds me of something I've seen on Game of Thrones.  So yeah, I love it.  I think it's a cool color.

Trend: Sheath Dresses
Sarah:  Very Kate Middleton and who doesn't want to look like a princess?  I sometimes have a hard time with this length since I'm short, but it's a beautiful style.
Brandon:  I love it.  I think it's very womanly and sexy without trying to be.

Trend: See-through Dresses
Sarah:  I can't imagine wearing this in the real world, but I do think the overall idea is beautiful.
Brandon:  Well, the pervert in me loves it.  But, I would never want any woman I care about to wear something like that.  It seems like it belongs at an awards show and nowhere else.

Trend: Printed Leisure Suits

Sarah:  Since I tend to stick with solids, this is definitely not a trend for me.  Plus, it just feels like a time warp, and not necessarily in a good way.
Brandon: {He made this sound: uuuuggggghhhhh}  I think leisure went out of style whenever they went out of style for a reason.  And they need to stay that way.  I don't think that's an attractive look.  I'd rather see you wear a pantsuit than a leisure suit.

Trend: Quirky Sweaters

Sarah:  I think these are so fun.  I just hope that people take the rest of the look up a notch so they don't get mistaken for being part of an ugly sweater party.
Brandon: There's a fine line between quirky and being the woman that wears sweaters with kittens on them.  I guess if you stay on the quirky side they're kind of neat.

Trend: Winter White

Sarah:  I love all white.  I'm usually way too messy for it, but I think it's just gorgeous.
Brandon: I thought you weren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day? {side note: clearly I have much to teach him}  As long as you stay clean, I think white is fantastic.  I think it's just so hard to care for.


Brandon's Favorite Trend: Sheath Dresses 
(I love the Mad Men style- the fact that it shows off curves but the woman is still covered.  And it's below the knee so it's very ladylike.)
Brandon's Least Favorite Trend: Oversize.  
(I'd rather you wear the print mixing than anything that oversized.)


So, what's YOUR favorite trend?  Least favorite?  Are you excited for fall?
{all photos found via The Cut}



Lora with an "O" said...

I love this post! I agree with you and your guy about the sheath dresses, they're just about the most perfect thing ever. But I'm also excited to learn the art of creative pattern mixing. Here is to hoping I don't look like I got dressed in the dark!

just me said...

i don't want to think about autumn yet. I like those funky sweaters and glitter trend :)

Mrs C said...


MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where fashion and food collide!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

This is cool! I don't mind fake fur, as long as people know it's actually fake fur. All over fur like these photos would make me feel strange, like some big foot, haha. The glitter one, I love glitter. But, would opt only for the way the middle picture is worn, you can have too much glitter and look like a child's art piece go wrong. The glossy leather, same, the middle one is better. I like the mix of smooth and not smooth textures together better than looking like one giant slip and slide. I love hats, so I always have a hat, but would only wear the one on the right here to be honest. The others aren't pretty at all. The Military one is quite pretty, I would wear any of those, they keep with the female shape and it's a colour that works well with a lot of skin tones. Trend matching, I'm with you..can't get into it. Maybe I don't have the right prints to do it with, I've tried, but it doesn't seem to work on me. Opulence - I will have them ALL...haha. Love love that jacket in the middle..now I'm daydreaming :)))) Oversize...hahahahahahahahahaha...I would feel like an Ooompa Loompa in my pj's with any of those ;) Oxblood...I quite enjoy...I love Game of Thrones and I'm drooling over the middle picture, most def would wear that :))))) Sheath dresses...yes yes. See Through dresses...ummm....not sure...maybe, depends where I'm going...like my own dinner table ;) Leisure suits...the first pic yes, the others maybe..I'd have to see how they looked on me first. Quirky sweaters...no no. Winter white...yes please...if my children aren't eating around me ;) This was great, I typed a load sorry, haha!! Have a super day doll xx

Tara Marie said...

I love this! It always amazes me when I think a trwnd is cute and my husband hates it. I always have trouble transfering trends from the runway to real life. I tend always hate how over the top it is on the runway.


xoxohannah said...

Oh Brandon! I'll have to have James read this. lol

I love when you feature him on here :)


smalltownbigwardrobe.com said...

Awwww I love how you two have so much in common!! Brandon's personality definitely comes out in his comments and he's such a sweet guy! Sidenote: definitely work on that white after Labor Day rule! :)

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Such a FUN post! Love getting a guy's POV. My husband just shrugs when I ask him about trends...


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Erika Werner said...

This was a fun read! I recently started following you and love it. Good break to the day. Thanks!

On a side note: I'm Heather's, from the Blue Stitch, sister.. Thought I'd introduce myself :)

Sisters Marie said...

cute! my hubby has been doing the post "what guys really think" for the past few years on the blog and it's always fun to hear what guys think of womens fashion! xo

Pip said...

Okay, I am in love with this post! Great job girl! Love Brandon's take on things too!!! xx Pip


Laura Elizabeth said...

I think that both of you have such great taste in all of the stuff c:, awesome post

xo, L
PS: Be sure to check out my latest post ;3

Bravoe Runway said...

Excellent trend report as always! I love both of your perspectives and agree with Brandon. My least favorite trend is oversized, and the quirky sweaters...they're just not for me. I do love the various shades of red that will be in for Fall, the 'leisure' suit if done right isn't too bad. Mixing patterns is still something that requires a lot of trial and error for me... :)

Lindsay from Black + Blonde One said...

I think I love everything besides the printed leisure suits and the mixing prints. I love quirky hats, oxblood, and oversized anything. It's funny how we have such different style. Props to fiance for having a fairly decent fashion lexicon though!

Bonnie said...

It's awesome that he loves shiny leather. He gets my seal of approval! :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kelly said...

I love the sheath dress as well - I think that one's my favourite. I loved seeing his thoughts though! Interesting that oversized is his least favourite thing. I mean, yeah those coats are way too oversized, but I do like big clothes. They're just so comfortable!

Well... said...

I love that you got your man involved! That is so cool to hear feedback on these trends from a guy's perspective. And both of your opinions together made for an enjoyable read :)
I'm so excited for fall now! I reaaaally want to try and get some leather in my closet this year...I missed out last year so I'm glad it's coming back again.

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Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

ahh!!! i love this post. like seriously. best idea ever. my husband personally hates glitter/sequins and gets annoyed when i buy things with them against his wishes. and his sweater comment was great!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Danielle said...

This was absolutely adorable! Loved hearing Brandon's opinion on everything. I think Q would hate all of these too aside from the sheath dresses. The man doesn't even like lip gloss! haha.

Head to Toe Chic said...

LOVE this post!!! Such a great idea. I definitely love the military trend.


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHA Sarah! Brandon has great taste. I agreed with his responses. I'm impressed he knows about steampunk fashion! Go Brandon! HAHAHAHA Oh Gosh I hate the Prada printed leisure suits. I saw the Fall Campaign and refused to post it. And you know how I love campaigns. I really love the sheath dresses. They're always classic. Hope all is well. ((HUG))

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

this is so awesome
Xo Megan

Amy said...

So far, only the oxblood color trend is speaking to me.

DressCode:HighFashion said...


congrats on making it into the Links a la Mode this week!

Best, Jenny


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