{lookbook} all american.

 What I'm Wearing:
Tank: Gap // similar here
Denim: American Eagle // similar here
Shoes: Forever 21 // similar here
Scarf: Forever 21 // similar here
Clutch: Charming Charlie // similar here
Earrings: New York & Company // similar here
Red Bracelet: c/o Blue Vanilla // buy it here
Sunnies: "borrowed" from the Fiance

Though we didn't have anywhere to go, I still decided to be patriotic on Memorial Day.  These jeans are new from American Eagle (once again, I LOVE their jeans and only own their brand) and they're an interesting color- somewhere between gray and light violet.  

Also, in the interest of growing my blog and giving you guys something to look at other than my patio, my Fiance has graciously agreed to take my blog photos for me.  My iPhone has been real good to me up until now, but it's time to get someone else in on the action.  Someday maybe we'll make this a family affair and get the cats involved.  They're probably excellent photographers.

By the way, I'm featured on a great blog- Breakfast With Tiffany.  Stop by and check out my post, and while you're there be sure to check out the rest of her blog!



Grace said...

This is the perfect outfit for today! And I like how the fiance is stepping up and taking the pics. What a guy!

A Southern Drawl

Cassidy Lee said...

So cute! I absolutely love your scarf and of course it's perfect for today! Your shoes are also too cute, and I just love this look overall!

Sara said...

Perfect outfit for the holiday! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog today.

CarleeJ said...

Love the look especially for Memorial Day. I really like the photo by the flag. Lovely post.


LoriLynn said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girly friend! That scarf is absolute perfection!!!!! Xo Lori

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I've always loved American Eagle jeans, i just love the way they fit and yours are perfect. I love the clutch! you look great.


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Fiances make the best photographers. Cute look. Really casual and pretty.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

luvvleighb said...

Woohoo! Time to see more of your home! I noticed right away that your fiance must have gotten more involved... (I was also impressed with his posing capabilities through your Pittsburg date on Instagram!) It looks like he is realizing he may be more involved with the future husband/current fiance role on your blog!

Anyways, love your outfit! I'm pretty sure I changed three times throughout the day and never wore anything patriotic... basically stuck to hot pink... But regardless, Happy Memorial Day!

Amy said...

Very cute.

.Candy. said...

Cute summer look! love the shoes and the scarf!


Heather said...

I love the back of this tank! Great weekend look!


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

this is so lovely!

januarysublime said...

You look lovely, this is a subtle take on the US trend.
JS xx


Danie at Pasadya said...

What a cute outfit! Love your scarf. :)

Sisters Marie said...

Ok, first off LOVE this look! the pairing is amazing and you look beautiful!
Secondly, thank you for the sweet words (always) on my blog(s). ;)
I know I don't talk about my kids much on my blog, mostly because I need an outlit outside of all that is going on, but it's so nice to hear feedback from "friends" in the blogger world! Made me smile! xo

kimberrleigh said...

Love it! Go America :)


Fashion-Bridge said...

I really, really, really like your clutch! it's such a great piece! nice color combo: electric blue, red & white!




Jessica said...

love this take on the red white and blue!


Lindsay said...

Look at you, Miss America! I hope you had a lovely, long weekend.

Katie- Hems for Her said...

Sarah, you looked great for Memorial Day! My husband takes my pictures, and though it sounds totally cheesy we have lots of fun, scouting locations and goofing off. It's something we both actually look forward to!

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Squared said...

awesome blog and ideas! Loved it! Come by and let's follow each other ;)! Stay in touch;) xx
AB from angelasquared.blogspot.com

With Each Passing Day said...

Perfect outfit for yesterday.

newpetite said...

Very cute! Hope you had a good long weekend.

Bravoe Runway said...

These are great photos and Brandon did a great job as photographer! I have never tried AE jeans but from your posts I think I need to check it out.

Anonymous said...

How could I not stop by your blog and say thank you for leaving such SUPER sweet comments. I'm glad you like my blog!!


Karolina said...

You`re looking great, a wonderful look :) Love the shoes :*

Well... said...

Perfect Memorial Day outfit! I love the scarf.
And these photos turned out great, I love the new background. Can't wait to see more outfit posts like this :)

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love that clutch! I haven't been in Charming Charlie in quite sometime. I need to get over there and see what they have! It is always a fun & overwhelming experience to shop there...



Psycho Cat said...

Pants and shoes are gorgeous :)

Di - City and Burbs said...

What a great fiancé and he's such a great photog, I love the pictures. You look great sweetie!



AndréiaFSalim said...

Even with little time, I'm here to say hi, wish I could visit her more often, but this complicated. I have not forgotten you, I'm just a lot of things to do, many works of course.
I loved the pictures are beautiful!
Post interesting and inspiring!
Thank you for visit and comment!
A big kiss to you! :)

Pretty Affairs said...

beautiful outfit! such fresh colours! and perfect for the Memorial Day! :) your newest follower xx

Tian said...

Great look, I really like your scarf.
You have an awesome blog!


jo said...

Hi Sarah, I love your shoes, so cute! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love your post on your boyfriend proposal.

xo Jo


Shea said...

I love your color combination here--the red and blue look so pretty with the gray. And the photos look great by the way!

Ashley said...

You're going to LOVE having someone take pictures for you - it makes things so much easier than trying to take with an iPhone or a tripod.

Just found your blog- now following! Loving your pants.


Bonnie said...

Killer shoes. I am so glad that you wore those pants to show them off.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Super cute! Love the scarf! You look like you lost weight! Skinny minniii!! Pictures are great!


Jessica said...

love the accent pieces you used in this outfit!



silvergirl said...

i am loving the way you draped that scarf!! perfect to wear with a tank.
you need to show us how you wrapped it for that perfect drape!

smalltownbigwardrobe.com said...

He did a great job - and DANG you are skinny mini! You look so fab. I think you found a new fulltime photographer! :)

Yolandaas said...

Stunning!.. xx

simplyvonne said...

I am pretty much in love with that clutch and can't believe its from charming charlie! i might have to go look next week!

Kassi said...

Seriously? You are so cute. SO flippin' cute. I love it!


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