To support this little blogging community of ours, it's time again to introduce you to another round of amazing bloggers.  These are all very sweet ladies, and I love their senses of humor!  So be sure to check them out, and leave them some love :)  {Comments have been disabled so you can go compliment them on THEIR blogs!}  
Take it away ladies...

A couple extra notes for you:
If YOU want to be a featured blogger, please check out THIS PAGE for more information!
{You can also find my previous featured bloggers there.}

And for those of you that asked- the meeting with my local paper went great!  I'm so excited for what's to come and I'll be sure to fill you in along the way as things start to progress.  It is because of YOU that I get to have this opportunity.  All of you readers make my dreams come true.  So thank you.

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