For my Project: Get Dressed this week I wanted to play around with textures but in a monotone way.  We all know that my favorite colors are black and white, and I'm far too messy to wear all white.  So I threw on my leather leggings, suede knee high boots, a black t-shirt and black skirt.  Ladies, if you only take one thing away from my blog, let it be this: 
I might have a t-shirt made with that saying.  I could probably write it off on my taxes as charity.

Forever21 t-shirt, Forever21 skirt, Charlotte Russe leggings, Kohls boots, Charlotte Russe scarf
White House Black Market earrings, New York and Company ring, Kohls watch

I'm looking directly into your soul.

Thanks to my costar, The Leaf, in these photos.


FAshiOnistA ErA said...

sweet look! really like your blog!! do drop by mine. wanna follow thru GFC if u like will follow back:))

I have a worldwide perfume giveaway planned in a weeks time..so make sure to drop by and dont miss it!

Anonymous said...

I actually love this look. I had a co-worker comment on a shirt I paired with leggings. His opinion was I appeared to be going to the club.

Fashion Fail.

Amy said...

Love the shout-out to the leaf. Leggings are super cute. :) Can't get enough of the bird scarf, can ya? ~xoxo~

CottonCandyINK said...

love this outfit

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Love those leggings and your infinity scarf. Cool!

Carla said...

Love this look! It's simple and edgy... and... OMG! I know!!! Leggings are not pants! They are not, they are not, they are not! Ok, peace! - Carla

Newlymeds said...

I so agree with you about the leggings thing!! cute outfit!

Ashleigh said...

Let's take out a billboard please!! You look fab & the leaf did a great job, too :)

Thanks for your condolences on my pup - means a lot!

Tiffany said...

Ha! Isn't that the truth?!? I can't stand when girls wear leggings like they're pants! Even on the skinniest of chics, it's just not all that flattering. lol

You look amazing, girl!! I love the sheen on those leggings. The all black looks smokin' on you!

chillairandperfume said...

Those leather leggings are so damn fabulous. You look like a rock star! Love your scarf too :)


Heather said...

Super cute look! And you are soooo right.... leggings do not equal pants, and no one wants to see your behind in public!


Bow and Arrow said...

Cute outfit!

LINDA said...

Wow lovely post! Beautiful! ♥♥♥


Linda from www.moonon.com

silvergirl said...


Psycho Cat said...

That scarf is so cute :)

kimberrleigh said...

I'm in college, and this is the outfit of nearly EVERY college girl. I hate it. Even if you are skinny and can pull it off... you shouldn't. Leggings are acceptable when worn under a dress/skirt, no other time.
I love this outfit though! Leather leggings are daring! Do they get sweaty? (Even though it's Pittsburgh in Feb[although it's been oddly warm lately!])

newpetite said...

I agree 100% Cover the bum, Leggings are not pants :-)

You look lovely! Back is my Fav color too!

Girlie Blogger said...

Fantastic outfit. Love black on black.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

You and the leaf both rocked this photo shoot.

And THANK YOU, leggings are NOT pants. I actually yelled that at a woman in front of my job the other day. It wasn't my proudest moment, but I was pushed to my breaking point.

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Those leggings are so awesome! And I love your scarf!

See Me Rwar

soulstitches said...

cute cute cute! i've seen the leather leggings really turn into a disaster but you did them justice! love it.


CaramelLatteKiss said...

I'd buy one of those t-shirts. I'm all for wearing what you want, when you want, but leggings are an alternative to tights, not trousers! You might as well wear jeans as a hat. They are not interchangeable items of clothing!

Afeeyah said...

I really like this outfit and I adore those knee high boots; am still looking for the perfect one for me, no such luck yet :(

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