High & Low

It constantly amazes me how expensive some items can be just based on a label.  Sure, they're often higher quality but enough to justify over $1000??  Below are some items I've found and the much cheaper versions.  {Note: All "high" pieces are $1,000 or more and all "low" pieces are $50 and under.  See below the picture for where to buy.}


High/Low by peanutsms featuring cotton pants

Striped Shirt
High: The Row Pablo Striped Sweater , $1,575
Low: J.Crew Striped Thermal Henley , $47

Edwardian Style Blazer
High: Alexander McQueen Black Edwardian Jacket , $2,815
Low: Miss Selfridge Multi Button Blazer , $47

Waxed Leather Pants
High: Ilaria Nistri Waxed Leather Pants , $1,120
Low: Zara Waxed Trousers , $50

Rose Gold Jewelry
High: Lord & Taylor Effy Collection (rings) $3,700
Low: Nadri Crystal Bangle (bracelets) $48

Gold Skirt
High: Gucci Metallic Leather Mini Skirt , $1,650
Low: Gold Sequin Body Skirt , $36

Black Tote Bag
High: Alexander McQueen Black North South Padlock Tote , $1,245
Low: Kelly and Katie Emmeline Tote , $45

Orange Suede Heels
High: Christian Louboutin Highness 160 Suede , $1,075
Low: Suede Platform Pump , $29

What items do you splurge on?

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Collette Osuna said...

I agree!! If you have it to spend, I say go for it....but you usually can find a very similar item for MUCH less. Great round up!

Happy Weekend!

Inspiration for you, your home, & everywhere in between!

Heidi said...

Fantastic post! I'm trying to cut down on my shopping expenses. And I love that striped thermal from J.Crew. I'm a little obsessed with stripes lately: http://oliveobserver.blogspot.com/2012/01/wardrobewednesday-sailor-stripes.html

GiGi Reed said...

GREAT post! I even like most of the cheaper items better than the expensive ones. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)


SADBBLOG said...

great post! love seeing the differance (or lack there of) of these items.
I generally splurge on denim, a good blazer or coat, and maybe a bag here and there ;)


Amy said...

I will say that I love the ruffles on the bottom hem of the more expensive blazer. :) And I am loving the rose-gold jewelry this season. I just bought some really cute earrings. I think that a good bag and/or shoes in neutral colors are always worth spending more $ on. But bright orange shoes and costume jewelry should be cheaper purchases.

just me said...

you are so right. so items are extremely expensive


Alana Christine said...

Dang girl, you were SPOT ON! Great picks!
I splurge on Coach!

A Southern Drawl said...

I would splurge (if I had the money) on that blazer! What a beauty! It's amazing how expensive those items are and how much cheaper you could get it for similar. The other day I was online shopping, and got disheartened when I fell in love with a thousand dollar pair of heels. I immediately "x-ed" out the web window!

A Southern Drawl

Nee said...

cool post! yea it's crazy how expensive products of high brands can be...



Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sarah, that's why I love your blog girl. You can definitely save me some money! haha I think the price difference is super crazy! Sometimes the quality is off, but over a thousand for a stripe tee...GTF! LOL I may spend that on a handbag, but not for a tee! Happy Weekend! I'm following you. I'm just hardly on there. hahaha :D


Gina said...

Thanks for posting this! It was very helpful :) I love looking for cheaper versions of things!

xo, gina


Rebecca Rogers said...

Love this post.

Chantel said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

Lindsay said...

I love posts like this! I often find expensive pieces I like and try to find a similar piece on Shopstyle or Ebay. Good finds!

januarysublime said...

The comparisons you've found here are so similar!
It's crazy really when you see the price difference. Good post!
JS xx


silvergirl said...

am wearing a j.crew knockoff necklace on the blog today that was only $18
better than the $150 at j.crew!! :)

vonnie said...

o0o, good post. I like the low prices much better, hahaha.

vonnie <3

caise said...

love the cheaper bag:D it looks amazing

indie by heart said...

Lovely collage, and it tells how cheaper items can be equally beautiful as the luxury ones. I actually love the low cost choices look more ! :D

Thanks so much for your comment and following ! I always follow back, via bloglovin' :)

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Brunettes v/s Style said...

Awesome post...totally love'd it !!!

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