{Lookbook} Hippy Dreams

Last night I couldn't sleep {I'm sure it had nothing to do with the 1.5 hour nap The Fiance and I took at 5:00 last night when he got home from work}.  While I was laying there tossing and turning trying to will myself to sleep, I dreamed up this outfit.  And I was excited about it.  To the point that I couldn't stop thinking about it only causing me to stay MORE awake.  Wonderful.

I have such a thing for the bohemian style.  My style changes frequently depending on my mood but this always seems to be my favorite.  I love long oversize layers, I love pants that are too big on me and I love getting to walk around saying "peace" {even if I do that regardless of what I'm wearing}.  So this morning I made a decision.. I'd GET DRESSED again.  I know, two days this week.  It's kind of amazing.  But when you're excited about an outfit, there's no reason to shut it down for the comfort of your pajamas.  What do you think of my outfit?

Top: American Eagle
Tank: J Crew
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: New York and Company
Watch: Pac Sun
Bracelet: Fossil vintage collection
Necklace: American Eagle

Here are some detail shots.  {Above} I really love the embroidery on the top.  It makes it so much more interesting.  The watch I have on doesn't even work anymore but I love it so much that I kept it (maybe it should be fixed as a Christmas gift?!).  I love a big chunky watch, even if it overwhelms my wrist.  The bracelet was a Christmas gift from The Fiance from the Fossil vintage collection.  I tell ya, that man knows me well.  {Below} I needed some color in this otherwise fairly neutral outfit so I went with a bright necklace that I've had for years.  And the shoes?  Well they're just comfortable. And since it seems to be unseasonably warm here in Pittsburgh, open toed shoes are totally ok.  {By the way, it totally freaks me out showing you my feet this close.}

While we're on the topic {that we aren't on}, have you checked out my friend Kassi's blog The Closet Intervention??  Because you totally should.  She's fantastic and has great style!  Click that link, go now!


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looking great!!!

very bohemian and hip look!! like your wedges and jeans!!

Heather said...

You look adorable! Loving your jewelry accents :)


Nicole from mascaraandbuildingblocks.blogspot.com said...

Very boho chic! Love the watch and glad you didn't opt for a ginormous peace sign necklace ;)

SADBBLOG said...

This look is right up my ally! I'm totally a hippy at heart too! ;)
you look beautiful!


Julie said...

I love the bohemian look too! You look great! That necklace is really cute!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very cute, love your watch!

Bravoe Runway said...

I love this outfit Sarah! The top is very pretty I was just in American Eagle last weekend, they've gotten some great items! Have a great weekend :)

Audrey Allure said...

Such a cute outfit - love the vest & watch!

Girlie Blogger said...

Boho style is totally hot and it looks good on you.

Oh what a lovely watch. I like it a lot.


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Great outfit!!!
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!! :-)

J'adore blog said...

You have a amazing blog :-) Great pictures :-)

Angela Leberte said...

very cute look! love the whole outfit


Jessi said...

I'm like that sometimes, when you can't sleep and your brain is going and going and you think of all these things that gets you more excited! I love it cuz you get all these new ideas but not the next morning when I wake up tired :( I love your outfit and the flowy lines! And the wedges!

Diana(Dina) said...

Great blog you have! I'm a new follower =)

Manda said...

Yay!!! 2 days =) hehehe I have had a couple times where I concoct an outfit while lying in bed. It's the best! i think your dream outfit turned out perfect =)

Chantel said...

Cute outift!

just tututiny said...

Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous!

Would love it if you visit my blog when you have time ;)

Kassi said...

Boho looks good on you. Love the details in the top! So pretty :)

Thanks for the shout out! You're the best!


Yolandaas said...

Thanks for following! You look great.. x

Pola Katelu said...

COOL! :)

www.polakatelu.com | @polakatelu

Katrina said...

really nice outfit! i love bohemien style

xo katrina

a sip of fashion baby said...

thanks for be my new follower,....i'm following 8)
i like your blog!!!

Eranda Janku said...

Following you !



StyleIDnet said...

Lovely outfit, I like the comfy but classy style.... also loving your boots from previous post <3<3 them

Yola Thorp said...

great outfit. thanks for your comment. following also.


Ria :) said...

love ur jeans, your blog is so lovely by the ways and inspiring, i will be visiting again very soon :)


signature mix said...

I love this boho hippie look. The top is beautiful. I've definitely kept myself up thinking about outfits before too. It's hard to sleep when you're so excited to share something with your blog readers.

SassyUptownChic said...

Great outfit HIPPIE CHIC! Loving that watch and bracelet too! :D

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