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I was recently approached to review the online women's retailer eShakti.  The company offers women's fashion with the ability to customize the product to fit your size and style for only $7.50 extra in sizes 0-26.  The company also offers a full refund if you're not satisfied with your garment and ships the product within 3 days (even custom orders) so that it will arrive to you within 7-8 business days.  I was very interested to try this company since as a petite girl, clothing doesn't often fit me perfectly when I buy it directly.  Here is my review of the company and product I received, as well as a couple pictures to show you the garment I chose. (Ps. Don't mind the way I look... it's Ohio State vs. Michigan day so I'm not exactly dressed to impress!)


eShakti has great dresses and some nice jackets as well.  I was a bit disappointed in the pant and top selections as I didn't find them to be incredibly fashion forward.  I was originally looking to custom order a pair of pants since I often have the most trouble finding pants that fit me, but I didn't find any that I really liked.  However, there are a lot of very cute dresses and I ended up choosing the Art Gallery Opening dress (no longer available).

Though in general the prices are a bit higher than I like to spend, the ability to custom fit an item for only $7.50 extra I believe is totally worth it & would cost way more if you took it to a tailor.

Ease of Ordering:

Detail of Skirt

In order to custom fit a garment, I had to measure several parts of my body and input them into a form.  eShakti gives you a detailed description for each spot and how to measure so that you can be sure you're measuring the right area in the right way.  Though it was a bit time consuming to measure each part, it was very simple and I was able to do it myself (though if you don't sew and therefore aren't as familiar with how to measure, it may be easier to have someone help you).

One of the things I liked best about the company was that after they received my order, I was to have my garment within 7-8 business days.  I'm an instant gratification kinda girl and couldn't wait to have something that was supposed to custom fit me within a week.  I was told on November 17th that my order had been received.  On November 23rd, my garment shipped (from India).  It was delivered to me via UPS on November 25th.  So from the date of order to my door, it was 6 business days!  I was very satisfied with this and was glad they stuck to their guarantee.


This is the only area that I think could definitely be improved upon.  My dress arrived in a cardboard box with no logo or design.  Though this isn't something that I care too much about, it is something I would recommend could be improved upon in the future.  Also, because it was shoved into a smaller box, the top was very wrinkled when I received it, so I did have to iron it (meaning, I had to throw it into the dryer).

Great color, great style

Fit and Style:
The style and fit of this garment is fantastic.  I asked to have the hemline moved to hit above my knee (as a petite girl anything slightly below the knee looks terrible on me) and it hits at a great spot.  The top of the dress fits me great.  The hips of the dress are a tad too big, but nothing that is terrible looking.  Overall, I am very happy with the custom fit of the dress.  As for the style, I really like it.  The Fiance really likes it as well.  The top of the dress is a beautiful orange silk and the bottom of the dress is in a great velvet pattern.  The dress is comfortable and very classy and I'm looking forward to wearing it out.  It can also be a great dress for work (for when I have my dream job).


Overall Review:
I am very satisfied with eShakti.  I do think they should look into offering more fashion forward looks and possibly include jeans or work pants into their offerings and to work on their packaging.  But from the  speed, fit, options for custom sizing, and ease of ordering, it is definitely a company worth trying.

Want to give it a try?  Right now until December 31st, you can receive $20 off your order by using the coupon code UNSTITCHED0811.  If you try it out, let me know how you like it and if you are as satisfied as I am!

Ps... My bloggy friend Kassi over at The Closet Intervention also reviewed eShakti.  She is a tall girl whereas I'm petite, so you should go over there and check out her post {here} to get a different perspective.

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Mad For Fashion...For Less said...

What a beautiful top and it looks gorgeous on you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

de luxe gypsy said...

This online retailer sounds great! I'm always alittle nervous buying online but this makes it safe and easy. By the way you look great! Thanks for sharing.xx


Jaimee said...

Great review Sarah! That dress is adorable and looks fantastic on you! Hopefully they improve the packaging. I would be very disappointed to receive my new garment wrinkled like that. Thank you for including that in your review. Hope you've had a great weekend. If you're a wolverine I'd say you did! Go Blue :)

Rach said...

Oh wow! that top is beautiful! Custom fitted clothes?? yes please. Great review, thanks so much for sharing! following you back also :)

Check out my blog for a chance to win some Leopard print loafers!

Kassi said...

I think that looks absolutely gorgeous on you. You are one sexy lady, Sarah. I'm ready for our date. At least the hips don't appear really large. That orange is super pretty! :) Yay!


Shannon said...

Great review. I've never heard of this brand.


Bravoe Runway said...

This is a fantastic review Sarah and I think you selected a great dress! The colour looks fantastic on you and the overall fit is fantastic!

connie l. said...

I think you look amazing in that dress! Thanks for the review!

Let's keep in touch!


Lynn said...

I love that you gave such an honest and detailed review! I love this top, such a beautiful color. I will have to check them out.



fati said...

thanks for your blog for more make up for see:

SassyUptownChic said...

It looks wonderful on you Sarah. The color of the top portion of the dress is GORGEOUS on you and I love the bottom (various colors). I was very pleased with the 2 dresses I received from them. :)

signature mix said...

This dress looks gorgeous on you! Sounds like a great site.

Mary M. said...

Amazing outfit on you, Sarah! You look ready to take charge! I agree, the packaging needs improving. I'm with you on buying pants; it's the hardest thing.

soulstitches said...

I love the print of this skirt! And orange looks so good on you!

Mary Ann said...

This dress looks awesome on you - that orange shade with your skin-tone is great!!

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