I Want Her Life: Nicole Richie

We all remember when Nicole Richie looked like this:

She was the crazy friend of Paris Hilton, acted insane on The Simple Life, and had constant talk about her weight.  I never thought Nicole would be someone whose life I would really look up to, but over the past few years, especially after the birth of her first child, her life has really turned into something to emulate.  She now has two kids with husband Joel Madden, is an author and has two clothing lines: Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 among other projects.  

If you follow her on Twitter, you know she is still the same crazy girl that she always was, but she's found a way to reign it in and be a mom, wife, and entrepreneur.  As if this wasn't enough, she has become a style icon!  I love her bohemian style and often look to her for inspiration.  She always looks exactly like herself when she's at events and that seems to be one of the best things you can hope for.  She seems genuinely happy in her life and where is at professionally.

Below are some of my favorite of her more recent styles.  And if you want to see some pieces from her lines, check out my previous blog posts here and here.  

How do you feel about Nicole Richie's transformation?  


Anonymous said...

Loving the classy boho! Esp. the blue top.

Laydiana said...

Nicole Ritchie is one of my favorite celebrity person... She has been through SO MUCH and she has matured so well... When you look back at her pass with Paris Hilton, she is now a real woman... She's a person to look up to. I love love love her jewellery line and her fashion sense...

And her kids are ADORABLE <3

Great post!! :)

Andrea Marie said...

I absolutely love her. I think many of her peers can look up to her and learn a few things about growing up and finding onself. She has blossomed into, like you said, a great mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Not only is she a great human being, but I LOVE her style :)

Great post!

xo andrea

Paula said...

I absolutely love Nicole´s style!!



Miss Jess said...

Man.....it really is some transformation she went through. When the media first introduced her to the public she was, well, disgusting, to say the least. Now look at her... I guess if you truly are passionate about something it does magic to you and your life.

<3, J

Gaby de Modacapital said...

I love Nicole, she´s amazing!

caramelprincess86 said...


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