Black & White

 My two favorite colors are black and white (as you may have noticed from the colors of my blog).  Boring?  I beg to differ.  Black and white makes a statement.  It's bold and it makes you take notice.  My love for the colors isn't just limited to my clothing... my bedroom is mostly decorated in black and white and when I get married, my colors will be black and white (I don't think my boyfriend knows this yet...).  When you're wearing black and white, you don't need a lot of accessories because your clothes are the main focus (behind your beautiful smile of course).

This graphic color combination is always all over the runways, from casual clothes to ball gowns.  You can't go wrong with this sophisticated style.  Take the colors and personalize them.  Make them as graphic or as simple as you want.  I hope the looks below will give you some inspiration as they've given me.
Black and White


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Amy said...

Love the heels (white w/ lace). :)

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